You can get certified immediately after graduation. We are a testing facility for NHA. Our students take their certifying exam on the last day of class. The cost of this exam is included in your tuition.

You can take the exam 3 times with a 30-day waiting period between each try. 

To take the certifying exam to obtain a phlebotomy certification, you must complete our 120-hour course. An alternative option may be to prove you are a healthcare professional and take our refresher course. To take a refresher course, you must show a copy of your nursing licenses, healthcare certificate or transcript (MA, Phlebotomy etc) Learn more about our phlebotomy refresher course HERE.

The test to be a certified phlebotomy technician, there is a $125 fee to NHA to take the exam. The Medical Assistant and Patient Care Technician program exam is $160. If you attend any of our classes, we pay for the certification exam for you! If you take our refresher course, you must pay this fee on your own.

  • We are a Licensed private school who is authorized to operate a non-degree granting institution through the state of Georgia. (GNPEC)
  • All of our programs offer a national certification upon successful completion of the course which is recognized in all 50 states. We are aligned with NHA for our certification courses, and we are a NHA exam testing site. You can take you exam right here when you are done!
  • We provide resume writing assistance.
  • We provide interviewing skills strategies.
  • We provide job leads for students to apply to after graduating our courses.
  • No worries! We offer up to three different payment plan options. Direct payments to us, use of Klarna, or Denefits. Click to see our programs pages below to learn about the payment plan options we offer.

Phlebotomy Technician

Medical Assistant

Patient Care Technician

  • Medical Assistants, Phlebotomist and Patient Care Technicians can NOT insert IV’s. You will NOT be able to insert an IV after taking any of these courses. In the state of Georgia, only licensed individuals, such as LPNs and RNs can insert IV’s. LPNs must take an IV certification course to insert IV’s. We do offer an IV insertion class. Please learn more about the IV insertion course HERE.