H.E.R.O Institute Offers Finance Options!

Students can apply for a loan program through Meritize to help pay for their education. This program allows students to pay for their education now and defer payments while enrolled. You will also receive a 3-month grace period before being required to pay back the loan so you can find time to acquire a job. Students are encouraged to apply for the loan below:

Note: A co-applicant can increase your chances of being approved. Reasons for possible loan decline: A history of repossession or bankruptcy.

H.E.R.O Institute Offers Payment Plans!

If a loan program is not preferred, students can sign up for a payment plan to pay for their education. This plan allows students to spread payments over several months to help make education more affordable. The phlebotomy technician program can be paid for over a 4 month period, and the patient care technician program can be paid for over a 12 month period. Interest and a plan enrollment fee are due upon payment plan enrollment.

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