H.E.R.O Institute: Where Art Meets Healthcare

Who would have known that Healthcare and art can live simultaneously together. Here at H.E.R.O Institute it does! We believe in breaking the mold of healthcare and healthcare education. We believe that healthcare education can be fun and engaging. We also believe that healthcare can be expressed through art and innovation. 

Think back to your childhood for a second. Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? It’s okay if it doesn’t match up with what you currently do. Just ask Atlanta based artist, Corii Diamond. Corii was born Corine Gordon and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. After graduating high school, Corii went on to join the United States Military, moving often until eventually finding her way to Atlanta, Georgia, ready to pursue her passion in the awe-inspiring world of art.

As a child Corii was always artistic and enjoyed drawing and writing. She would write poems and short stories, as being creative came quite natural to her. Into her teenage years she continued to perfect her art, and as an adult, Corii joined the United States Military. After her separation from the military, Corii decided to go back to school. Having a knack for technology, Corii chose to go to school for Computer Programming.

During her time in college, she needed to complete prerequisites to fulfill her degree in programming. That is where art stole her heart. The course was called “Art Appreciation”, and it certainly lived up to its name. In 2016, Corii changed her major to studio art, and from that moment forward, she’s been a dedicated creator.

This is when Victoria Randle, Administrator of H.E.R.O Institute recognized a space for her to shine. Corii is also the Executive Assistant at H.E.R.O Institute. The entire staff would agree that she is the Hero of H.E.R.O, completing essential tasks such as enrolling students the patient care technician, phlebotomy technician, and medical assistants programs, coordinating meetings, running event space rentals, marketing, and filling in wherever she’s needed. But even as Corii juggled her roles at H.E.R.O Institute, her heart still belonged to art.

Victoria commissioned Corii for the artwork seen this very day on H.E.R.O Institute walls. What is striking about the pieces in the school is that Corii is an artist with very little medical training (sans her time in the military), but she thrives in learning medical terminology and can always be found engaging in the lessons going on throughout the school. At baseline, her pieces are anatomically correct, yet the vision that only she has, the paintings stand out with attraction and decorum.

Corii thrives both as an Executive Assistant, artist, and a student of life. Her next artistic project will require extensive research and a color and shape study that will be released next spring. Corii’s art can be seen throughout the H.E.R.O Institute facility. Her statement body organ exhibit can be seen on campus at 2145 Roswell Road Suite 310 .She will also raffle off art at the H.E.R.O Institute Grand Opening on November 15, 2022 at 10:30am EST.

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This article was written by Leslie Lawrence LPN, an Instructor for the phlebotomy technician program at H.E.R.O Institute located in Marietta, GA.