Patient Care Tech Tuition Payment Options

Tuition for Patient Care Technician Program is $3,600. This include your textbook, workbook, uniform, ID badge and access to the course. You have the following options to satisfy your tuition costs. Please note your deadline to select your payment option is one week prior to your start date. Failure to select a payment option before the deadline may result in deferment or termination from the program.

Pay Through H.E.R.O

  • 1. Payment plans are built based on the students start date. First payment due date may vary.
  • 2. H.E.R.O will not run a credit check.
  • 3. H.E.R.O does not charge an interest rate but tuition must be paid in full prior to start in class.
  • 4. Availability is based on enrollment date. Please contact our office for more information. (770) 726-3577


$3,600 + Interest
  • 1. Three months grace period for loan repayment.
  • 2. Meritize will run a soft credit check.
  • 3. Interest rate vary base on merit. (if you have a co-applicant, degrees, certifications, etc. You can increase your chances of approval and/or improve your interest rates.
  • 4. Reason for application decline: History of repossession or bankruptcy.


$3,600 + Interest
  • 1. Payment plan begins immediately. Payment plan consist of 24 monthly payments of $150.
  • 2. Klarna will run a credit check.
  • 3. Klarna's interest rates range from 0-28.99% based on credit check.
  • 4. Klarna's Financing products are issued by WebBank (member FDIC) in partnership with Klarna. The approval decision is based on Transunion credit score as well as multiple internal data points such as past payment history. Connecting your bank account may improve your approval chances.Reason for application decline: Bad current standing with Klarna


$3,600 + Interest & Fees
  • 1. Payment plan begins immediately. Initial total payment of $468 then pay $318 per month for 12 months.
  • 2. Denefits will not run a credit check.
  • 3. Denefits has a 19.9% interest rate and 3% transaction fee.
  • 4. Guaranteed acceptance